Bespoke Knitwear Production


The production in our own factory in Scotland is 7 gauge and 10 gauge.
This can be conventional cut-and-sew manufacture or can incorporate fashioning using our Shima
Seiki programmable knitting machines:
Shaped and fashioned fabric
Alongside our most common all-needle fabric manufacture, we produce (amongst other fabrics):




For production from our own factory in Scotland we can normally sample a garment in 7-10 days.
If we need to bring in the yarn then the timescale can be a little longer. Please use our contact form to let us know your requirements or phone us directly.
For production at one of our European partners sampling time is normally 3-4 weeks but varies according to the style and the yarn.


Much of our production is from our fully programmable Shima Seiki SES122RT knitting machines.
We have recently invested in Shima Seiki’s latest knitting programming system: the SDS ONE
APEX 3 which has brought huge design advantages:
The system can be used to quickly design a large variety of knitting patterns including different stitch structures, intarsia and jacquard patterns.
It can also create virtual knitwear images prior to sampling. Once approved the design can then immediately go into production.
The program also functions as a full-featured apparel CAD system, with comprehensive pattern making, grading and marking (PGM) functions for creating and fine-tuning patterns.
Pattern making is especially important for quality shaping.
It also improves production efficiency with a database of more than 1,000 pre-existing designs.


Originally our Scottish factory produced only cut-and-sew garments. We still use this process for much of our range, for example, our biggest seller WAVN (Wool Acrylic V-Neck).
In recent years however we have been developing our ability to shape and fashion knitwear and this has enabled us to offer a more diverse product range.
For example our fully programmable Shima Seiki knitting machines can shape
and fashion panels using stitch transfer in both single-bed and all-needle fabrics.
We can also knit integral button holes meaning that cardigans can be knitted without strapping.
We are also developing styles using fashioned panels and using Mock linking for the neckband.
When we are using single-bed fabric, the side seams are cup-seamed.